Because the future seldom lines up with your org chart!

What is the Organizational Effectiveness (OE) Program?
OE is an operating system based, executive-level, educational program for achieving an organization’s potential.

How Can OE Help Your Organization?
In a rapidly changing world, organizations are in a continual state of transition.  Organizations need to change faster in order to win the future.  Organizations must regroup, reorganize, refocus, and reengage their work forces before they start down a costly road that might end in a dead end.  Organizational resilience is everything!

OE helps executives take a hard, critical look at their organizations in terms of strengths, capabilities, strategic performance-gaps, and opportunities, and then sets a course for aggressively seizing the future by developing capabilities before they need them. Consider OE an annual physical checkup for your organization, but with a much deeper dive analysis.

OE increases your odds for success by putting your organization on a permanent competitive war-footing; battle-ready and prepared to win.

Program Benefits:
By attending this program, you will:

  1. Have a more fully aligned and focused executive team all operating from the same strategy page.
  2. Have a more focused, accountable, and disciplined workforce.
  3. Establish a single brand standard for customers to associate with your brand only.
  4. Learn how to develop a strategy based on differentiation and your brand’s competitive advantages.
  5. Reengineer your business model to consistently deliver your brand standard and strategy.
  6. Achieve greater organizational alignment between1) Brand Standard,  
    2) Strategy, 3) Business Model, 4) People.

Is OE For Your Organization?

  1. When was the last time you took a critical look at your organization’s Business Model & Strategy ?
  2. When was the last time you assessed your customer buying experience for a Competitive Advantage?
  3. When was the last time your organization Changed to reflect the world in which you operate?
  4. When was the last time you thought about, anticipated, and planned for the Future?

Don’t you think the time has come to address these questions? If not now, when?

  • Is your organization Focused, or is everything important ?
  • Is your organization operating at its full Potential? Do you know what your organization’s full potential is ?
  • Does your organization have a Strategy based on Differentiation ?
  • Is your strategy Execution achieving its goals ?
  • Is your organization fully Aligned: Brand Standard-Strategy-Business Model-People ?

Who Should Attend?
Executive Team: Owner, CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CSO, CHRO.

One & a half day offsite strategy meeting.

Program Tools:

  1. Executive Team Strategic-Thinking Questionnaire Summary Report.
  2. Brand Assessment Worksheet.
  3. Organizational definition of Winning.
  4. 15-point Business Model Assessment.
  5. Change Assessment.
  6. Scenario Planning worksheet for anticipating and planning for an unknown future.
  7. Strategic Principles: 28-Key Success Factors & 10-Tactics.
  8. 15-point Strategic Planning Worksheet.
  9. 21-point Alignment Scoreboard.
  10. RACI Accountability Chart.
  11. Accountability Meeting format.
  12. Implementation Action Plan.
  13. Organizational & Leadership books: How to Become a High-Performance Organization & What Great Leaders Do.

To schedule before your competition does:

Ideas Compete, People Collaborate
The best solutions come from the collective wisdom of individual insight.  OE is an intense, exhilarating climate of discussion and debate.  Participants have transformational experiences that turn them into more empowered, impactful, and strategic leaders.

Program Outline:

  1. Executive Team Strategic-Thinking Questionnaire (34-questions):
  • An open dialogue of critical inquiry, debate, challenge, and reflection, to better understand how each executive team member thinks (thought-process), sees the world, and the organization. What are the assumptions, paradigms, mindsets, insights, and opinions that drive each executive team member?
  1. Brand Assessment:
  • Identifying what your brand stands for in the marketplace; your positioning.
  • Identifying the #1 thing you want customers to only associate with your brand.
  • Identifying what your brand can do better than your competitors.
  1. Strategy:
  • The strategy process is a journey vs and annual event.
  • Strategy is your blueprint for winning, by delivering your Brand Consumer Association. But you must first define winning.
  • To win, your strategy must be based on differentiation not sameness.
  • Measurements: 1) KPI’s, 2) Scoreboard, 3) Quarterly reviews for analysis and adjustments.
  • Develop Bigger, Better, Bolder Strategies.
  1. Business Model Assessment:
  • Your Business Model is how you do what you do – your processes. And your processes (good or bad), define the customer buying experience.
  • Your Business Model must drive your brand strategy execution, not impede it.
  • Your Business Model must facilitate employee performance, not impede it.
  • Your Business Model should be designed to recognize the need for and facilitate continuous change.
  • Your Business Model, through Scenario Planning, will help you anticipate and plan for the future.
  1. Alignment:
  • Alignment between your: 1) Brand Standard, 2) Strategy, 3) Business Model, 4) People.
  • Getting the right people in the boat and the wrong people off the boat, in their proper seats, knowing why they are in the boat, prepared to perform, knowing why they must perform, and understanding the destination.
  • Alignment without Strategy is worthless, as is Strategy without Alignment.
  1. Implementation Action Plan:
  • Tying it all together: 1) Brand Standard, 2) Strategy, 3) Business Model,
    4) Alignment, and 5) Overall program.
  • Knowledge without action is the same as no knowledge.

5 Sequential BuildingBlocks For Organizational Effectiveness:

3-Reasons Why This Program Is Important to You

  • You want to win vs simply compete.
  • You want to maximize the potential of your organization.
  • You want to replace the Stress, Anxiety, and Uncertainty with Confidence as you embark into the New Normal.

Implementation Support:

Process facilitation and accountability coaching, available for those organizations requiring a helping hand.

If You’re Thinking…

  1. Why do I need a strategy, we’re successful without one?
  • Is your ROI at a high-performance organization level?
  • Is your EBITDA in the top 2% of your industry?
  1. I already have a strategy.
  • Is your strategy based on differentiation or sameness?
  • Can every employee in your organization recite it and do they know what to do every day to execute it?
  1. I believe my organization is aligned.
  • Is your organization performing at its full potential and producing maximum results?
  • Is every employee in the boat, in the right seat, rowing in the same direction all at the same speed?

What Clients Are Saying about This New Program:

  1. Overall, how effective did you find this program in helping your organization become more effective?
  • Highly effective: [X]                   100% (27-respondents)
  • Effective: [   ]
  • Somewhat effective: [   ]
  • Not effective at all: [   ]
  1. Do you feel this program provided you with the knowledge and tools to more effectively develop and implement a winning strategy?
  • Yes: [X]                               100% (27-respondents)
  • Somewhat:      [   ]
  • No: [   ]
  1. Do you feel more confident in how to better align your organization: Brand, Business Model, Strategy, People?
  • Yes: [X]                               100% (27-respondentss)
  • Somewhat: [   ]
  • No: [   ]


  • “Attending the Organizational Effectiveness session, facilitated by Terry McKenna, presented a forum for our organization’s leaders to, in earnest, evaluate who we are as an organization and how to further exemplify and communicate those beliefs. The tools that we now have will significantly contribute to our development and success as we move forward into the future.  We are already looking forward to the next opportunity to work with Terry.”

-Bryan Goforth, Executive VP – Home Service Oil Company

  • “I was looking forward to this workshop and it exceeded all expectations. Terry provided our team with tools to define company strategy and objectives clearly, and a shared language to figure it all out. We will be using the Organizational Effectiveness workbook for years to come.”

 -Bryce Rawers – Executive VP Transportation & Logistics – Home Service Oil Company

  • “Terry, I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with our team. I received nothing but positive comments and thanks after our sessions.  Our leaders are all speaking the same language, are ready to win, and have a plan for moving forward.  We are excited for the future.  You gave us knowledge and tools to help us be successful.  Now, it’s time for us to step up and put it to good use!”

 -Zenna Steiger, VP of Internal Affairs – Home Service Oil Company

  • “An eye opener for me was how we all read the same very simple questions, and each interpreted it differently. It gave me a whole new perspective on how others in our organization viewed things. This program really makes you think about where you really are as an organization, where you are going, and question “Where should we be going?” Terry Mckenna is a master at making you question everything. I’ve always felt that if I learned 1 thing that I held onto, then a program such as this was worth it. I took several keepers away from this one.”

 -Larry Dewees, VP Wholesale – Good Oil Company

  • “I am very excited about what we brought away from this. It is going to give us a guiding principle to develop all of our actions around. Do our projects/decisions/actions go toward what we said our strategy is? It was great to get the whole group on the same page and pulling in the same direction.”

-Nikki Earp-Good, CFO, Next Gen Owner – Good Oil Company

  • “This program was helpful to burn through the fog of standard day to day thinking. It was packed with thought provoking questions and gave inspiration, direction, and momentum towards a forward strategy.”

-Seth Keller, IT Director – Good Oil Company

To schedule before your competition does:

$7,750.00.  Includes travel expense. Does not include implementation support.

If you feel you received no value at the conclusion of this program, the unpaid balance of $3,875.00 (50%) will be waived Guarantee expires December 31, 2021.

Schedule Your Company Now: 
Only two programs remain in 2021.  Schedule your company before your competition and before the $3,875.00 guarantee expires.

Program Leader:

Terry McKenna is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, executive coach, and consultant on the topics of leadership, human capital optimization and organizational design: people and systems.  Terry has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and the Harvard Business School corporate training video, Benchmarking Outside the Box.

Terry is owner and founder of Employee Performance Strategies, LLC (EPS). EPS helps small to midsized petroleum-convenience marketers design their systems and people processes for greater organizational performance against larger, scaled advantaged national and regional brands. Forty plus years of leadership/coaching experience in the petroleum-convenience industry. Terry’s experience ranges from large global international corporations such as, ExxonMobil, Chevron, 7-Eleven, NACS, Marriott and Midas, to small to mid-sized independent operators.

Terry facilitates twelve Study Groups (Board of Advisors concept) consisting of 142 small to large companies.  Terry is the author of four books: What Great Leaders Do, How to Become a High-Performance Organization, Customer Service – The Ultimate Differentiator, and Hire the Best C-Store Employees.  Terry is the author of Terry’s Blog (, with over 2,300 posts.

Before launching EPS, Terry worked for ExxonMobil for seventeen years, where he led the development and execution of a national retail customer service strategy.  In addition, Terry led the achievement of ISO-9002 Quality Certification for customer service for convenience stores for ExxonMobil’s Singapore marketing affiliate.

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